What is a CMS? Advantages and Disadvantages

What is a CMS? Advantages and Disadvantages

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If you aren’t yet familiar, a quick brief; CMS stands for ‘Content Management System.’ This is the technologic term used for websites that are made from templates with pre-coded features such as; Squarespace, Wordpress, Wix or Joomla. You could easily teach yourself how to use a CMS template with the drag and drop feature. This is generally the reason why people choose to check them out. But the reason that drag and drop or D.I.Y features don’t function as well as custom sites is because they don’t use a web-developer to create custom back-end code. For a low monthly subscription cost you can easily have a Wordpress site up and running for around

$16.95 per month.

When it comes to CMS platforms, Wordpress is the only low-cost option that we recommend using.

If you want to use plug-ins and ensure that your website template installation goes to plan, we have a service available to assist with the set-up of your Wordpress site. We also offer the ability to optimise SEO and CSS styling features. When it comes to using Wordpress for your website- It is always best to use a trusted web-developer to take care of the installation of the template and setting-up plug-ins for you.

If you would like to see our business packages for custom-coded websites check them out here: This is the first within a 3 part series dedicated to CMS template websites.

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Despite their low-cost and ease-of-use endorsements, most CMS powered websites generally take the average person hours to make and are risky when it comes to making them work properly. The most viable course of action is to seek professional web-developer instalment outright- It is still likely to be the most cost-effective option for your website.

Why? Having bad-luck with a template installation or finding out that things function differently what you expected is very common. Using a cheap third party template installation is often the cause for this- And Wordpress sites are still very tech-savvy to the average person. That’s why, when it comes to using a Wordpress site- You should always eliminate any risk, time or cost by going with a trusted developer first.

Templates, plug-ins or integrations- Getting started with YNW is your first-best solution. We can recommend the best options and ensure that your Wordpress site is done right the first time.

We aim to provide a service that meets you wherever you are. Something that achieves your goals and delivers on quality without eliminating the value of custom-code.


You might be surprised by how many famous name brands are currently hosted by ‘Wordpress.’ Etsy, Techcrunch and Glassdoor Blog- Are just to name a few. Some Google search results even claim that Wordpress is hosting ‘Vogue.com’ And although this all looks and seems very impressive- large organisations with web-development teams (likely) on-staff, are able to accommodate this kind-of platform easily. The number of updates and plug-ins that are necessary for security, SEO, styling and more- aren’t likely to be as practical or affordable as generating custom code for small business owners.

Know more about pros and cons about a CMS built website. Check out our blog post here: The pros and cons of building your website with a CMS


The issue for getting the best possible result for your website, or making it look #amazing, is that there are too many design limitations. The content structure and functions of the coding are fixed because the CMS was made first, different themes were then based upon this framework. There are many different options for customising a CMS, but ultimately they are very costly- With each plug-in having its own developer limitations.


When googling ‘best website designs,’ the search engine will return thousands of results that include cheap templates from CMS platforms such as Wordpress. But these are mainly based on popularity due to being accessible. Most people with great websites don’t go around searching for the ‘best website design,’ but instead- Go to see a web developer about getting one. Wordpress was initially built as a blogging platform, and although it’s had many expansions- It has many limitations when it comes to visual design. Here at YNW- We know that visual design doesn’t appeal to people unless it is cohesive with the user experience.

Photography (maybe,) Logo Design (maybe,)The colour scheme (maybe,).But never the website. Wordpress or other CMS templates can look good but sincerely only try to relate to your service, brand or the customers the way that custom-code can on your website directly.


Today it is very easy to create a website on Wix, Wordpress or GoDaddy, but creating something customised is rare. With professional web developers on-hand, such as the team at YNW, Wordpress websites can produce beautiful results for small businesses at a low-cost. In the long-term, the most easy-to-use and best graphically designed websites are generated by custom-code.

Our custom-code business packages start at $1000 and have lots of inclusions including domain name, email and SEO optimisation. If you would like to consider a lower-cost option with Wordpress we are also able to offer this service to you in the marketplace at a cost-effective rate. We can install Wordpress templates, plug-ins and styles and assist you with getting it to work straight away. It’s straight forward and easy for us to do.

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