What is ‘responsive design’ and why is it so important?

What is ‘responsive design’ and why is it so important?

19, Oct, 2018 | Web Design | Wei Zhang | 2

Convenience is necessary in today’s online world. You want to be able to eat snacks whilst tapping your phone, tie your shoelace whilst downloading music, surf the laptop whilst ordering uber-eats. It’s a complex digital landscape, but one much easier navigated with the assistance of responsive mobile design.

Responsive mobile design ensures that all types of browsers on all types of devices are able to navigate your website with ease. So that when you are making a purchase from an ipad or mobile? It’s just as easy to do as from a desktop computer. According to Statista.com, over 50% of business website traffic comes from mobile devices - So it’s important to have a responsive design that allows for the same user benefits to be experienced from any kind-of device.

It has been slow for businesses to get on-board with Responsive design, but over the past 3 years- popularity has risen. So, here’s everything you need to know about today’s website buzz term ‘responsive design.’ You should definitely know about it if you’re getting your website done.

1.Ensure your ‘responsive’ designs maintains the integrity of the original ‘desktop’ version of the website design.

If you’ve ever had your internet banking load on your mobile as the ‘desktop’ version or have tried sending documents from the ‘desktop’ version of gmail - You will certainly know how frustrating it can be to use a website that doesn’t adapt. It’s really important that the responsive mobile design maintains the integrity of the original ‘desktop’ version of a design. This will ensure that your brand-image and the user experience doesn’t become boring or dysfunctional.

To keep it fresh and interesting - Every button and feature will need to remain within a viewable and clickable position. The loading time and important menu items will need to respond in under 2 seconds At YNW, we also recognise that it’s still important for people to engage with your

brand and recall your identity when viewing the mobile version of your website, so that means ensuring the same brand colours, logos and fonts are maintained too.

2.Ensure that the design is able to adapt to any kind of device, known or unknown.

You’re probably familiar with Apple and Android Samsung phones- But there are thousands of different smart devices with different screen-sizes and resolutions that you’ve probably never heard of before. These devices are frequently used by customers from foreign countries or living overseas; or even people who simply choose to shop outside of the two most well-known technology brands. That’s why it’s important for the website to be able to adapt to each type of screen with a responsive design. Aside from maintaining the integrity of the original look and features, we can also assist by ensuring that every customer who browses your website is able to load, navigate and interact with each item.

Again, that means to ensure that each features remains in a clickable or viewable position with rich user- enhancing benefits.

At YNW, it’s our job to ensure that the website content is displayed correctly on each and every kind of device. That it’s only different for good reasons. That everything fits the screen and the layout can adapt to multiple different devices and to avoid anything from loading and clashing together (you’ve seen it before, right?.)

Check out our comprehensive list of included devices.

3.Google now rewards responsive websites with SEO enhancements.

Google changes their SEO requirements all of the time. But the good news is that in 2015, it announced that it would boost the search-engine rankings of sites that are mobile friendly if the user searched from the device online (which is approx 50% of your search engine traffic.) With keywords, back-end code and first-rate copywriting? You’ll have all that you need to be getting great search-engine results with responsive design.

We can ensure that your website is future-proof and brings the best of your product or services to life with responsive mobile design.

Getting this done for you is hassle-free and better yet? The prices are often included within one of our business packages.

Feel free to get in contact with us to ensure that your customers have a wonderful online experience.

If you would like to view some of our client work, google the mobile version of our recent clients

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