What inspired the YNW logo?

What inspired the YNW logo?

11, Apr, 2018 | Graphic Design | Yang Wang | 2

Last weekend, I got asked by a friend what inspired the logo of YNW, so I thought I’d share it in a short blog post. Firstly, the new business is named after my wife and I; ‘Y’ stands for Yang, ‘W’ is for Wei, and the ‘n’ is an abbreviation of ‘and.’ We wanted something that wasn’t too edgy but still remained modern and tech-professional - So we thought it was best to choose simple letters….Textured logos are also far more compatible with different media channels and more likely to be remembered and spread.

The other reason we chose three letters is because we offer three main services; Graphic Design, Applications Software and Web-Development. To us, it was also a simple but meaningful way to communicate our brand with to our clients. We really look forward to sharing our services and sharing them with you into the future.

Are you thinking about designing your own logo? Feel free to get in contact with us for a chat about Graphic Design before launching into the design process.

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