Graphic Design values that we resonate with

Graphic Design values that we resonate with

25, Jul, 2018 | Graphic Design | Yang Wang | 2

This picture is from Watch Out Before You… Take Out.

Sometimes designs don’t need any words to make people feel emotions and shift in their seats. That’s the exact heart-stopping reaction I had today when I spotted this campaign on the back of a bus. As the Head of Graphic Design here at YNW, it’s not uncommon to have my eyes peeled for fresh ideas- It’s the key to providing up-to-date services for our clients.

This latest campaign for MAC’s pedestrian-safety campaign is pretty clever. You could genuinely feel the a little bit of the heart being torn- Just as the silhouette of a child has been torn to represent loss on the picture. It is a very powerful instance of graphic design and genuinely shows the difference that can be made to achieving the message you want to share with the world.

It’s certainly not easy to represent the loss between a family and their child within a single image. That’s why having audience-centred graphic design values are important. It allows for an image you create to speak volumes without words across time, language and cultural barriers.

By having a chat with you about this campaign, I hope you can better understand the level of depth that I go into as a graphic designer to design for an audience, what my values are and how to enhance your business both visually and in-terms of customer recognition.

Here is what the campaign did well.

Pedestrians make-up one sixth of serious casualties in metro areas. The campaign aims to keep this road casualty risk top of mind. MAC’s new campaign highlights the responsibilities of drivers to remain alert.

As a successful design, the designer has thrown the audience into the action of the scene- Given that the media used is the back of a bus, the design is perfectly positioned to raise a driver’s alertness to the potential risk. The street background is already apart of the audiences surroundings and makes them think about the message.

The picture has 3 main elements; a father, a child and a football. The father was trying to stop his child from crossing as the kid mindlessly went towards the football onto the road. A child

feature gap was torn-off the picture with a clear meaning that they have been unfortunate in losing the child. The football was the clue as to why the child didn’t see the traffic. All of these elements are within a reasonable sequence resulting in the deep impression to the audience.


Designing for your target audience goes beyond identifying your target market. Once you have figured out who the message is for, you’re ready to figure out what the the purpose of the design is. If you are trying to sell something- What are you trying to communicate about it to the audience?

It isn’t just about what your product or service does, it’s about the why people would want to purchase it. And this can be trickier than you think to nail down. If you sell cars, than you will want to sell that the vehicle is sophisticated because it has say camel coloured leather seats. If you are selling nail polish, think about selling that the product is the wise choice for healthy nails because it preserves them at the same time too. This can be done by starting off with a SWOT analysis about your product.

When it comes to speaking and communicating without words, it’s best to work with a Graphic Designer who is experienced in creating an emotional impact with colours within design.

Providing something that moves people emotively is apart of our aim when working with clients here at YNW. Knowing the difference between something that is merely stating features and benefits, and something that sells a ‘why’ is essential when marketing your brand.

If you feel that your business is in need of some fresh images or design campaigns- Feel free to reach out for a free no obligation chat about our graphic design services here: Web Design Adelaide | YNW

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Wade Commented 1431 days ago

Drive safely.

Wei Commented 1386 days ago

I like this design as well. It makes people understand within a sesond.

Yang Commented 1386 days ago

Sure, safety first, LOL.

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