8 Reasons why every business needs a website

8 Reasons why every business needs a website

25, Oct, 2018 | Web Design | Wei Zhang | 2

If you don’t yet have a website, it’s easy to think you can survive without one. After all, if your business has operated without one up until now, do you really need one at all? Local business is often based on word-of-mouth. And in even in this modern era, getting customers online isn’t the only source of income. People still use the yellow pages, people still go to the shops people still want to work with you despite not having a website. YES, yes, yes; all of those things are very true.

It’s just that without a website this might not keep happening in the future. As good as you might be at what you do, more and more businesses are jumping online and even if they’re not as popular? They’re getting great reviews; it’s a matter of perception- You want to ensure that you catch-up. Selling up the best of your services online doesn’t have to be daunting. If you think that using Google is easy, getting in contact with YNW for a chat is a piece of cake.

Here are the top 8 reasons why it’s in your best interest to get a website for your local or small business.

It’s an opportunity to compete

Browsing online is just like browsing in real life. If people visit two stores in person to make a comparison; The same thing goes for online too. Pretty soon, there might be an Uber Eats service for almost every food venue in the world. Food providers have almost no choice but to jump on-board. Why not use a webpage for your business? 81% of shoppers research online just like signing-up for Uber Eats; you don’t want to fall behind.

Websites are weekend friendly

So, it’s Friday night and you need to get things done- But who can be bothered talking to anybody on a weekend right? No judgement there. Obviously using a website gives both you and your customers more time to spend some quality time with family and friends.

Websites can really help you to assist people at inconvenient times. Happy customers are given the option to shop or browse from their living rooms.

Your brand image will soar

You won’t see many people dressed up as mascots at the malls today, Why? Because it doesn’t sell as the internet can. Business has changed. Selling your brand image with a

the website is the easy way to go. It can represent many core values and can even shed light on your marketing style, culture and the credibility of your brand. Getting this done requires skills and expertise in order to make a high quality lasting impression.

Websites allow 24/7 ease of access

People tend to lose business cards. They don’t want to keep manual books or heavy guides to information in their drawers. Those are a thing of the past. They just need a website with all of the relevant contact information available. It’s hard to predict when a customer will have the need for your support- Online self-service creates the ability for them to make contact with you 24/7. Fall asleep knowing that your customers are well looked after.

Get social media savvy

With all the contact details, product categories and promotional information on your website, it really acts like a homepage anchor that integrates seamlessly with your social media posts. It’s easy for people to jump onto your social media accounts and hit ‘like’ or simply go through everything you have posted, especially when it's linked to your online store.

If you already share things on Facebook or Instagram regularly, you should definitely have a website too. That way- Contact details are easy - Everybody feels comfortable about reaching out to you.

It may be cheaper than you think

Nowadays, a website can be built in many ways. If you choose to build your website with a platform like WordPress, you may able to do it yourself without mastering a great deal of professional knowledge. That said, professional input can always assist you and even getting this done with professional Wordpress development is a low-cost alternative to start-out with. We can assist you with Wordpress installation and plug-ins that bring your site and SEO up to a more compatible speed.

Check out our blog post about choosing Wordpress

It’s apart of your internal operations

Websites aren’t just handy for your customers- They can assist the internal operations of your business run smoothly too. Having a platform for your staff where they can log-on can make your timesheet process easier. Online platforms may also streamline a-lot of your repetitive day to day tasks such as generating reports. Any of your employees can easily use the platforms we create. Saving you money on simple processes without requiring additional software, apps or time-consuming tasks is apart of what we do.

Getting a website for your business is pain-free!

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