5 places to bond with your team in Adelaide

5 places to bond with your team in Adelaide

27, Apr, 2018 | Blog | Yang Wang | 2

Hanging out with your team members away from the office by taking a short day trip or break is a cool way to generate more positivity in the workplace. As designers and developers, we are always working hard to satisfy our customers...A client web project generally spans a timeframe of 2-3 hard-working weeks. So, it’s a requirements for the graphic designers, front-end developer and back-end developer to constantly work together to achieve the same outcome for the client during that time.

Once the website is complete- Getting the final usability tests done is generally under shorter timeframes. If there is something wrong amongst the team- It can have a negative affect on our ability to get things done. We don’t want anybody to get blamed for other people’s mistakes or for the office environment to ever become awkward.

As a fast-growing company, we take steps to avoid any negativity becoming the cultural norm. We try not to put our staff under too much pressure and heading out into Adelaide for a Group Activity certainly helps; it can nurture relationships and enhance positivity that flows through to the office environment. We always encourage our staff to be more creative, but it would be difficult to do this in a stressful office. That’s why we are passionate about taking some time off (every once in a while.)

Ultimately, we know that happy customers come from excellent work and excellent work is created by motivated staff.

One of the benefits of employing YNW for website development, graphic design and application work are the fact that we have really productive and creative team members.

Here are the 5 top places to take a break with your team in Adelaide:

Latitude ‘The trampoline place’

Latitude is a massive adult playground with trampolines and rock-climbing walls that can make for a fun team-bonding experience. Much like the tech-people in Silicon Valley who build playgrounds inside of their offices- This is a place for colleagues who believe in getting along well and striking a work life balance can spend time away from their usual four-walls. It’s only a short-drive away from just about anywhere in Adelaide- Who needs an actual slippery-dip at their actual office anyway?

Glenelg or Henley Beach

Sunny or grey days at the beach in Adelaide are a great way to hang out and de-stress with your colleagues. Both beaches have a great selection of cafes and ice-cream parlours to try before heading down to the beach afterwards. The only thing to avoid is the traffic- try to avoid peak hours and make sure you choose a time to go when it’s easier to find a carpark.

A day trip to Granite Island

If you are prepared to take a drive 1-2 hours south of Adelaide, you can head down to Victor Harbor with your team for a bonding day. Taking the horse-driven cart or walkacross the large jetty- You can climb over rocks at Granite Island, eat fish and chips, have a camel ride or spot a few penguins, kangaroo’s or seals. It’s a great place to bond with people far away from the hustle and bustle of normal working life to strengthen team bonds.

North Terrace Haunts

The great thing about Adelaide is that the city is generally not overly busy and you can easily drive in and out without getting stuck in too much traffic (outside of peak hours.) The parking is very affordable between 8-10 dollars per hour and you can often find a few spots for free. Along North Terrace you will find a range of nice city hang outs to take your team- The Botanic Gardens, the Botanic Bar (if you go for drinks,) and The Adelaide Art Gallery Cafe.

Cibo - Preferable rundle street

You can’t live or visit Adelaide without going to Cibo. This is our most-preferred coffee house in the state and was initially locally owned- It’s since been sold to the owner of Boost Juice but is still the most popular place here. There are Cibo’s at Norwood, Henley Beach, Burnside Village

and 2-3 of them in Adelaide City. Our favourite is upstairs on Rundle Street- Lots of creative teams hang out there and it’s often not too busy- With free wifi, it’s almost like a temporary office.

Getting to know your team members on a more casual and friendly level has certainly become more and more popular these days- Especially with on-trend casual working habits including the laptop lifestyle, Silicon Valley employee’s wearing hoodies to work- And former Wall Street traders now logging in to trade their stocks from home. Hanging out with your team is a great way to support modern day work-life balance and team culture values.

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