5 Reasons you need to get a professional website

5 Reasons you need to get a professional website

28, Jun, 2019 | Blog | Emily | 2

Have you ever made your own website? Wix, Squarespace, Wordpress or any other CMS platform are really inexpensive in the short-term- But even though you can sign-up and design websites without any big upfront costs- The end result is unlikely to be as high-converting as a building a professional website. You see, professional websites are tailored to induce customers, fascinate new leads and enhance brand recognition. If you are intrigued to know the most basic-level differences- It will only take a few minutes for you to find this out now.

1. Share your true brand identity

If you’ve captured a lead from the search engines- It's time to put your best foot forward, how? Well, no plain ordinary website, colours and architecture will do. It’s true that even for brand new businesses, getting a web design company who is caring about each of these details is important- A tailored approach will reduce the bounce rate and increase the conversion of your business from the get-go…..

A little depth; Brand identity is the visual element of your brand that interacts with your customer on behalf of your personality. So, if you want people to think that you are friendly, happy and have an easy service to use? Your web design company ensures that your website does all of these things too. It’s actually really important to the growth and maintaining the loyalty of your business.

Customising is key. As opposed to choices that ‘look pretty good.’ UX and graphic design will chime-in to compliment your brand identity across the entire website (and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune- Check out our packages starting at just $1000.)

2. Grow your traffic and audience

Most people don’t really know this- But you can kick-butt if you get a custom-coded website (yes, starting at just one thou here.) The reason being is that your web-developer can implement SEO enhancements within the back-end structure of the site as well as the front-end (which is the visual HTML, Java and CSS code you find on Wordpress and Wix type platforms.)

That means that when those annoying SEO enhancement marketers hit your business inbox to sell-up a storm of ongoing management services- You can just say no. You’re back-end code is already working for you. Y'see, SEO is already done when your web design company went about building your professional website- And of course, as keywords change, you can adapt to the smaller industry movements with blog posts and keywords in addition to the mainstay industry keywords encoded by the original developer.

3. Provide excellent customer service

Providing excellent customer service might come naturally to you in person or over the phone- But if you want people to know that you care online? Building a professional website is the best way to go about it. You don’t even need to get a chatbot. Micro-interactions can make the most basic information blocks become all the more entertaining and keep the customer sales process moving. Whether it’s a large zoom-in feature or a button that animates the screen- You’re prepared to win-more customers over with a professional design that’s interesting.

4. Give your website credibility

Many people can often tell the difference between a professionally made website and one that is self-made. When it’s evident that you’ve had a professionally made website built- It looks more successful. People know that you’re a business is flourishing and you’re able to make more sales simply by looking more established. Credibility is able to be supported by different design features that support your customer mission.

At the end of it all- What really makes a difference is that people can tell the difference between a self-made or a regular website and one that’s professionally made (ditto: the little Squarespace box in the upper-left corner of the ‘www.’ Box) People can spot the tell-tale signs of non-professional website work. It’s likely to be far more stable for your business in the long-run when you have a professional web design company such as YNW building your website; supporting your credibility and choice in brand perception in every way.

If you’re ready to find out the process for a professional website, you can get in contact with one of our friendly web-developers right away.

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