3 ways to get colour inspiration for your brand

3 ways to get colour inspiration for your brand

27, Apr, 2018 | Graphic Design | Yang Wang | 2

Colour really is one of the most important elements of graphic design.

Colour is one of the most important elements in graphic design. It’s a really meaningful decision to choose colours. Sometimes our customers will ask questions such as “why would you choose this colour for me?” or “Can I use this colour instead of that one?” and these are all apart of the process. Its good to have a designer who listens to the client but also knows when to recommend different options to ensure the integrity, the heart and soul, of the brand graphic design. That’s what a good designer will do- We always have a reason for why we have chosen something, it’s to enhance the value of your brand- Perhaps it is risky to have a designer who is easily swayed.

To get started with choosing your colours, you can start by seeking some inspiration for what you might like before coming to use to have something created for you. This will ensure that you are ready to have the colours that you want to use incorporated into the design instead of entrusting the Graphic Designer entirely (which is okay too.)

Here are a few ways that you can gather easy inspiration for brand colours:

The internet

Pinterest, Google and this article from Canva: 100 brilliant color combinations and how to apply them to your designs, can give you a good head-start about the kinds of options to look for.

Even though Karl Lagerfeld, former Creative Director of Chanel said to never use the internet for inspiration- In today’s highly creative digital landscape? It’s certainly a rich place to start. Try searching for the term ‘brand colours’ on Google or Pinterest and you will soon stumble upon a myriad of options to become inspired by.

Choose some words

With so many hue’s, tint’s, shade’s and tone’s to choose from; getting the colours right for your brand can be overwhelming and time-consuming. You can like hundreds of colours, but still not be able to choose the ones you like best. That’s why we recommend choosing words to narrow down the options. Words that represent personality traits are a great place to start. You can then think about the kinds of colours that will work well with them. For example the colour ‘blue’ would go well with trust, the colour ‘red’ goes well with love and so on.

Colour Swatches

If you have ever been to the paint store- You will know how difficult it is to choose a colour. With so many swatches and shades available, even settling on just plain white can become questionable. Why not consult The Dictionary of Colour (Amazon) or have a look at some idea’s online, before going to the store. You are then free to pick up samples of tints and shades to mix and match before your very eyes.

Ensuring that you work with a Graphic Designer who has your best interest at heart when it comes to the end result is always a good idea. That way, you are able to develop something for your brand that is meaningful for customers. At YNW, we offer some of the most competitive Graphic Design services in Adelaide- And we also cater to customers online.

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