10 reasons you need to use a Custom-Code Website

10 reasons you need to use a Custom-Code Website

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Computers sure seem like anti-social machines from the outset, but on the inside? They’re all about communication. There are countless different types of ‘code’- Java, PHP, Javascript, Python- and they all make-up different kinds of web developer languages. Coding is incredibly important when it comes to generating positive online reviews. By creating a visually interactive site, with fast-loading content, you’re guaranteed great results (see SEO below.)

There are two main areas of your website that need to be coded; the front-end (visual) and the back-end (user-interface.) They don’t always team-up together to put on a show. Usually, CMS or templated websites (like on Squarespace) will focus on just the ‘front-end’ visuals and that’s why they are lower-cost. Custom-code will ensure a seamless experience across all the visual and creative elements of your website.

Check out how custom-code can share your vision and is all-but necessary to enhance the functionality of your website below.

1. Back-End.

Back-end development is where all of the custom-code is inserted, influencing every one of the functions on a website. The key thing to know is that unlike CMS templates (such as Wordpress,) custom-code is not universal….This is a good thing! It means that you are likely get better results for your SEO. Why? Because with custom programming at YNW, you’re guaranteed a +green rating when it comes to comparing website traffic on SEOsitecheckup.com.

2. Browser

You know about Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, right? Those are our most common browsers. But did you know that people from overseas use different ones? And maybe even a foreign or international mobile device? We take care to ensure that every website is optimised to perform on every kind of web-browser. This is achieved with custom-code. Code ensures that your website can adapt and still maintain the same high-quality features we promised.

3. Cache

Caching (weirdly pronounced as ‘cash’) is used to make web pages load faster. Instead of re-loading the web-page from scratch, it kind-of functions like you guessed it- cashing-in on something. Yes, it saves pre-loaded versions of the page and then, reloads them in order to optimise the performance and ‘cache-in.’ Okay, okay, so here’s the basic thing to know; It will enhance the speed and performance of your website. It will translate code into meaningful and readable content before people’s very eyes. This will easily ensure an advantage over your competitors.

4. CSS- Cascading Style Sheet

CSS is the vocabulary used to create the visual design of your website. This includes elements such as font, color, background, width, height, positon, and anything else of a coded HTML element. When you use custom-code all of these items fit - They compliment the overall selling function of your site . The pixels in the images are immediately able to converse with the big-picture.

5. CMS- Content Management System

A CMS is a database-driven software that is built to manage a website’s content. It allows you to create, edit, and organize the content all in one place, without any code. Some popular CMS platforms are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Squarespace…..As user-friendly as they are for anyone- You can save a great deal of time and money by choosing to go with custom-code .It can reduce costs by eliminating subscriptions, additional plug-ins, installations and saves you time.

6. Front-End

Although the visual front-end of a website is unspoken, the design can tell people a great deal about your business values. Colour schemes and custom photography are striking in high-resolution, encouraging viewers to zoom in with their interest. When it comes to code, there are no hiccups. All of the elements come together effortlessly. Ready-made graphic design is user-friendly and meaningfully represents your brand and customers best interest.

7. Hosting

Web hosting is a place where all of the files that make up your site are stored. Popular website hosts include Go.Daddy or mydomain.com. Purchasing, connecting and managing your custom-domain can be time-consuming. You don’t have to worry about doing this yourself when you choose to use YNW. All of this is included in any one of our service packages. Communication between humans, computers, and their relative systems becomes super-easy.

8. SEO

The internet-marketing function of your website takes place from the back-end. That is, code is able to assist with internet marketing purposes too. When it’s teamed-up with copywriting, your website will have a full deck of cards to play on the search-engines, you won’t miss any opportunities, ranking with both code and writing for best results. Read our blog post about ‘how custom code does wonders for your SEO’ here:

9. HTML- Hyper-Text Markup Language

HTML, known as ‘Hypertext Markup Language’, is the most basic kind-of coding language in web development. It’s very well-known because it’s used to define common types of content including: text, images and video. But, don’t be fooled by it’s fame- Not everybody can speak this internet language with the same fluency. It affects hundreds if not thousands of effective web components on your site. And, to ensure that there aren’t any potential roadblocks, and that you prevent search engine spiders or people from accessing your entire site- Custom code will ensure that HTML is done right the first time.

10. Responsive Design

Responsive design is a must-have for any web design so that photos and websites can adapt to different screen sizes on mobiles and tablets. You don’t want the overall message that you are sending to customers to become distorted. This is something that can potentially happen when a website design or feature is required to adapt to a mobile device. This is where custom-code can assist. It ensures that the integrity of your design is maintained in both normal and responsive versions. Keeping key attractive features of the design and loading at a fast-speed.

Unless you are a native web-developer, it can be difficult to imagine the image that many different coded languages can project onto your computer screen. It can seem like websites are just visually clickable branded pages, and that coding is only for when you want specialised features done. Though we hope this post has only pricked the surface of what kind of functionality is possible and how near-necessary it is when it comes to creating an interactive and unique experience for customers online. Whether it’s loading fast-video or generating high SEO, there are lots of different benefits to custom-code.

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