what, why, and why not CMS

what, why, and why not CMS

24, Aug, 2018 | Web Design | Wei Zhang | 2

Firstly, let's define what a CMS is. In short, CMS is short for Content Management System, a pre-coded software system to allow you to publish new contents and edit exist contents on your website with the much lower professional knowledge needed.

For a new business starter, a fully CMS powered website may not be the best solution, because cheap one looks too cheap and the good one is not affordable sometimes.

Normally a multi-page website with very low price is CMS template made. The contents structure and functions are fixed because the CMS was made first, then the different themes were developed base on that CMS. Some top CMS may offer user few options about the feature and layout of the contents, and along with some plugins to enable some functions, but there are still too many limitations. Therefore, it is hard for the designer to tell the client that there is no such plugin for what the client requests.

However, many clients do not have a professional team or relevant knowledge to edit their website. But, they do have the needs for contents updating and editing after the website been built. That what a CMS can do.

Know more about pros and cons about a CMS built website. Click the link below: The pros and cons of building your website by a CMS

Nowadays, there are too many websites developed by the same CMS like WordPress, Wix, and GoDaddy, but some customers like you may want a customized website with particular contents and functions in a beautiful design with an affordable price, also expect a CMS to enable to edit your website contents. What is the solution for that? YNW Web and Apps would tell you the Answer.

Simply call us on (08) 8121 8110 to find your solution or click the following link to know how We did it.

How to build your expected perfect custom website with CMS

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