The pros and cons of building your website by a CMS

The pros and cons of building your website by a CMS

15, Aug, 2018 | Web Design | Wei Zhang | 2

Using a Content Management System(CMS) to create a website is an ideal choice for a small business owner. However, CMS does not always work as what you expected. So, what are the pros and cons of using CMS?

Pros of using a CMS

  1. The overall cost may be cheaper.
  2. A great number of CMS options and multiple templates to choose from.
  3. No needs of professional coding knowledge.
  4. Normally it spent less time of development.
  5. Easier to use as the simple interfaces.
  6. Cut down web administration and web development expenses.
  7. Custom design is available.

Cons of using a CMS

  1. Low flexibility, normally fit small business.
  2. A highly customized website normal means that it is not fully controlled by a CMS
  3. A CMS does not mean you have no risk of editing your website.
  4. It still needs extra training and knowledge to use a CMS.
  5. A CMS cost extra server system resources, which means it may slow your website.
  6. It needs dedicated people to ensure it is kept updated.
  7. It may be targeted by spammers and hackers if not updated.

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