I like this design

I like this design

25, Jul, 2018 | Graphic Design | Yang Wang | 2

This picture is from Watch Out Before You… Take Out.

Today I saw this public ad on the rear of a bus. When I have the first sight of the image, I understand all its presenting, directly fill the pain from the family and the father. I realized that this is what supposed to be of a design. Without any text and description, you can understand all with a simple picture. Even, it breaks the language barrier making people from a different tradition to understand the presence of the design.

The Motor Accident Commission (MAC) recently launched its newest Pedestrian road safety campaign Watch Out before you Take Out. We will all be a pedestrian at a point in time and MAC’s newest Pedestrian campaign highlights the sometimes unpredictable nature of pedestrians, especially the young, old or those impaired by alcohol or drugs. In the event of a crash, pedestrians are more susceptible to the possibility of death or serious injury and they are also the most exposed in busy areas - representing almost 1 in 6 serious casualties on metropolitan roads. All road users, pedestrians and drivers alike, have a responsibility to be vigilant when interacting with the road, and as a driver, with a legal license to operate a vehicle on the road, awareness is vital when there’s the potential of interacting with vulnerable road users. MAC’s new campaign highlights both the responsibilities of drivers, to remain alert and the responsibilities of pedestrians in assuming that cars have not seen them. The Pedestrian campaign features a range of educational road safety advertising on platforms including radio, digital media and outdoor to generate the maximum amount of coverage and impact on its target audience.

As a successful design, it has approached few design rules

  • Design for your Audience
  • Fit the Media
  • High light the kern

Obviously, the designer clearly understands the audiences are driver or pedestrians, and the media are the buses. Therefore, the designer used a street background which easily takes the audience get into the scene.

In the picture, there are 3 elements: a father, a child and a football.

The father was trying to stop his child from walking forward.

A child feature gap was torn off the picture with a clear meaning that they have lost the kid.

The football was the clue why the child did not watch the traffic.

All those elements have been put together by a reasonable sequence resulting in the deep impression to its audiences.

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Wade Commented 211 days ago

Drive safely.

Wei Commented 166 days ago

I like this design as well. It makes people understand within a sesond.

Yang Commented 166 days ago

Sure, safety first, LOL.

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