8 reasons your company should have a website

8 reasons your company should have a website

25, Oct, 2018 | Web Design | Wei Zhang | 2

Websites are powerful tools for all sort of business around all industries. If you have a business, your website is not only several pages to display your business profile but also benefit your business in many other ways. Today, we are going to talk about the 8 reasons that a business starter should have a website.

  1. First, obviously, your competitors have websites.
  2. You probably think that is logically wrong, why should I keep my business like my competitors. Yes, every business has its own specifications from management to core values, from customers to market, from employees to company scale. However, they have one obvious similarity that all of the strong ones have a website. Because, if you don’t, you would be left in disadvantaged within the competition.

  3. You don’t want to lose your major customers, do you?
  4. 81% of shoppers research online before buying a product. Obviously, that is the absolute majority of the customer group. So, here is the question: how do you get those customers without having a website?

  5. It is the outer image of your company
  6. A well-designed website normally represents the company in many ways, such as company scale, marketing style, core values, and even its history. However, if your website is not designed well, it would definitely lower your company image.

  7. Your customers need it
  8. Just like if someone interest in your business, he would ask you for a business card. A customer using your services or products would expect that you to have a website as well. They do not want to keep manual books or any guide information in their drawers. They only need a website with all of the relevant information on it.

  9. It can enable self-service for your customers
  10. For most companies, they don’t want to keep running 24/7, but it is hard to predict when a customer will have the need for your support. A website can do a lot of things while your staffs are sleeping on the bed.

  11. Gain Social Links
  12. With all the contact information, product categories, promotion details on your website, it acts like a web which covers all the social media to links both your current customers and potential customers together.

  13. It may cheaper than you think
  14. Nowadays, the website can be built in many ways. If you choose to build your website with some platform like WordPress, you may able to build it by yourself without master a lot of professional knowledge. It comes along with huge numbers of themes which are pretty cheap, parts of them are even free. Therefore, to build a website could just cost you a few bucks even free.

  15. Used as a part of a Business system
  16. Website users are not only your customers. In many cases, the company website may have more use for staffs. A website can perform a lot of functions and stock a huge number of resources just like a business system. Any employee can easily access it by a web browser. So, it saves a lot on deployment.

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