5 Reasons why should you go with WordPress

5 Reasons why should you go with WordPress

28, Nov, 2018 | Web Design | Wei Zhang | 2

As the most popular CMS, WordPress has been used by 75 million websites. So today we are talking about the 5 reasons why use WordPress to build your website.

Best economical option

Many people without coding knowledge can provide web design services by WordPress. Also, as it is easy to learn, the price for the WordPress websites are tending to lower than others.

Using WordPress, you can change your website contents by yourself and update new contents periodically without professional coding knowledge. So, it significantly lowers the cost on website maintenance.

The CMS with the best flexibility

For a new business starter, full control to their website contents without professional knowledge is the primary incentive for people who are looking for WordPress website or websites powered by other CMS. Compare to other CMS, WordPress allows you to do maximum changes to your websites. You can change the contents almost like what you want to. Also, if you have professional knowledge, you can make it more customisable.

Various templates and plugins

As everyone knows, WordPress has an enormous template library which allows people to choose their favourite feature for their website. Also, WordPress has various plugins as well. This allows users to implement different functions, like the online quote, online booking, online store, blogs. So WordPress not only can give your various feature to choose but also offers many function options to apply.

SEO friendly

Generally, WordPress website would rank higher than the normal website without site or page SEO. Because it has markups which make the page contents can be easily collected by the search engine. Also, you can use WordPress SEO plugins to help you with better ranking.

Easy to learn and troubleshoot

As WordPress has been used by millions of users, so this huge community enables rich information on learning resources. Also, User can easily find useful information on what they need regarding any WordPress troubleshoot.

Briefly, WordPress is the best solution for the new business starters who have a very limited budget and human resource.

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