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02, Nov, 2018

Easy instruction guide to perform Version Control by ‘Git’ - For Web Developers

Firstly, you need to download Git and install it into your system, Download Git, then Choose your Operating System, and download the newest version. Today, I used Git 2.19.1 on windows to do this.

10, Oct, 2018

The viewport data of common mobile devices

There is thousands kind of smart devices available for web browsing, and they have quite different screen sizes and resolutions.

06, Aug, 2018

How to build your expected perfect custom website with CMS

There are thousands of CMS options from free to enterprise-level, they each have their own uses. But unlike those CMS which are CMS first built then followed with Web contents...

25, Oct, 2018

8 Reasons why every business needs a website

Websites are powerful tools for all sort of business around all industries. If you have a business, your website is not only several pages to display your business profile but also benefit your business in many other ways.

24, Aug, 2018

What is a CMS? Advantages and Disadvantages

If you aren’t yet familiar, a quick brief; CMS stands for ‘Content Management System.’ This is the technologic term used for websites that are made from templates with pre-coded features such as; Squarespace, Wordpress, Wix or Joomla.

25, Jul, 2018

Graphic Design values that we resonate with

Today I saw this public ad on the rear of a bus. When I have the first sight of the image, I understand all its presenting, directly fill the pain from the family and the father.

19, Oct, 2018

What is ‘responsive design’ and why is it so important?

Convenience is necessary in today’s online world. You want to be able to eat snacks whilst tapping your phone, tie your shoelace whilst downloading music, surf the laptop whilst ordering uber-eats.

15, Aug, 2018

The pros and cons of building your website by a CMS

Using a Content Management System(CMS) to create a website is an ideal choice for a small business owner. However, CMS does not always work as what you expected. So, what are the pros and cons of using CMS?

15, May, 2018

3 things you should know about ‘The Designers Dictionary of Color’

I love Amazon- Their prices amaze me! This hardcover book only sold for $16.96 USD and I’m not even blogging to promote it- This really is the best bargain purchase I’ve ever made in my design career and oh so very necessary.